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Road Safety Week!

Hi everyone, this week we're learning about how to be safe on the road, whether you're in the car, on a bike/scooter or a pedestrian.


A lovely lady called Ann came to talk to us and asked us to think of a creative way to inform other kids to be safe when using the road. Brooke and Finlay made a comic-strip poster about being safe on the road, Adam created a board game and Connor and Grace made a wordsearch with key words to remember. They were brilliant!


If you're more interested in finding out more about Road Safety or want to share ideas with your family, I've found an interesting website which has videos to watch as well as lots more resources to help us be more safe. Which is INCREDIBLY important. Here's a link to the website:


So with that in mind, look after yourselves and each other because you are all precious!


Mrs Dixon :)

1st Birthdays, Expolanations and Arithmetic Success!

Can we believe that it's almost the end of January already?! It has flown by!


At the weekend my twin babies Oscar and Isabel turned 1 year old and we hade a Space party- it was out of this world! (Pun intended!) We played with lots of toys with our friends and had a rocket birthday cake which was totally scrumptious!


In school, with my awesome Oak class, we have been working hard to improve our arithmetic test scores in order to feel more confident in Maths. Moreover, it gives me a clear idea of what we need more time to learn as well as what we're confident with!


We've also begun our Explanation text unit in Talk 4 Writing. We're currently explaining why aliens invade other planets and learning about causal connectives! Can you spot any I've used in this blog post?! What's your favourite causal connective? Can you put it in a sentence in the comment section below?!


Have a good weekend!


Mrs Dixon

Awesome Space Website!

Hello everyone!


In Oak class we're transfixed on learning about our brilliant Planet Earth and our Solar System. Some of you may have been enjoying the following website in our Reading sessions, as one of the QR code challenges takes you to it to answer questions about the planets. Check it out:


Can you tell me in the comments below some awesome facts you find out?


They've also got their very own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets - what was the one you created in class? You were all very good at this!


Mrs Dixon smiley


Frank, Fractions and Fun!

Last week saw Larch class become Biography Brainboxes! We learnt what a biography is, key features and how to make them exciting for our readers. To help us, we researched an interesting man named Frank Sutcliffe - a well-known photographer famous for his photography of Whitby (which, of course, we love as our this is our topic!).


Larch class showed excellent teamwork skills when researching and organising their biographies and then dazzled me with their independent skills when writing them up in our extended writing session. We did so well!


We've also been learning all about fractions - we're brilliant at them! We now know how to find fractions of shapes, numbers (using division) and we're even becoming familiar with the relationship with decimals (and some of us percentages!).


Because we have been so incredibly busy and worked so well, everybody has achieved their first Class Dojo 100 Points certificate - which means we're all white belts in Dojo Greatness!! Well done us!!

Have fun in Whitby!

Well we had a super week last week across all subjects - we worked so hard!


Now we understand and identify multiples and factors of numbers (can you remember which one is which?!) as well as what Prime Numbers are - can anyone give me the definition of a factor, multiple or prime number below? Can you give me examples?!


In literacy we developed our skills in writing recounts - we particularly enjoyed our extended write where we had to imagine we stepped into Room 13.....we went to our 'Imagination Stations' and used the FANTASTICS to help us create an awesome recount of our experiences. We did so brilliantly Mrs Fiddes came to give us a huge 'Well Done' ! Go Larch class!!


In other news, we've been investigating and comparing Whitby and Leeds using Google Maps - Sam was able to help us understand the symbols on the maps so whoever is in his group definitely won't be getting lost!


I look forward to reading your blogs about Whitby - have fun everyone!

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